About Us

NosLoq has a very simple philosophy - which is summed up in our name. Nos Loq can be roughly translated from Latin to English as "We Speak Fair".

Everyone, should be able to have their say, providing they are not breaking the law, nor being deliberately misleading or offensive. This includes allowing risque jokes, memes in poor taste and caricatures of prominent people in the public eye.

Users are protected from objectionable content via live moderation and the ability to both report and block users. Developers resolve issues within 24 hours of report - more typically within 2 working hours.

However, we do understand that politics are important and that people feel the need to discuss the subject, however the platform aims to have as neutral approach to politics as possible.

The same goes for Religion. There are some 4000 recognized variations of Religion in the World, possibly more. We guess that at least 3,999 of them might not be quite right. We are unsure about the last one. Everyone is welcome to their view, their values and their theological opinions.

We do not support "Hate" - but encourage robust, civilized debate and differing points of view, especially where reasoned arguments are made.

Users are protected from objectionable content via live moderation and ability to report and block users. Developers respond within 24hrs of reports being made.

None of us are going to be right all the time, but we can at least try to be as open-minded as possible - and at least consider the possibility that our own views may evolve and change as we listen to the thoughts of others.

We do not grow as a civilization, if we do not listen, think, learn and adapt.

We do not care what age (but please see note below), race, gender, sexuality, religion our members are. If you spot what is TRUE hate speech (as opposed to something you disagree with or don't like), please report it to us AND, if appropriate, also report it to your local Police.

We also realise that some platforms permit videos depicting extreme violence / murder in the interest of "reporting news". Although we will not actively seek to remove such content posted in Private Groups unless we consider it gratuitous and/or excessively disturbing, we do not wish to see it elsewhere. The aim of the platform is ultimately to allow people from as young as 14 to use our system socially - and we do not consider that material acceptable, even if some platforms do.

At the moment, we are a small but growing platform. We will make mistakes, and it will take time to get the help we need to translate the site into the many dozens of languages available. It will also take time to make sure we are fully confident that we have made the site as safe as possible for everyone. As such, while we are still "learning how to get things right", we have made the decision to have a minimum user age of 18. Once we are confident that our safety procedures are working well and that we can monitor and support in most languages, we will consider reducing the minimum age gradually.

Although we do not support bullying in any form, we would also like people to consider simply blocking people that they do not like - and moving on. It is something ALL users have the power to do - at ANY time and at that point, all contact (both ways) is ended. It can be quite empowering to simply "Block" someone and not see any more of their posts - nor have them see or comment on any of yours.

Please bear with us. We want to be a little different from the mainstream guys - but being different can take time to get right - and it can be a challenging path to forge. We will make a few mistakes along the way, but our intentions are fairly simple:

To allow people of ALL faiths, ALL religions, All genders, All sexualities and ALL other legal values to have a platform where they can exchange ideas, thoughts, jokes and opinions - and hopefully make some new friends too.

We also want to provide both a platform that small businesses can use to promote their products (though not by spamming other groups / pages). We are aiming to provide an increased range of features that will enable businesses to reach new customers.

Large server installations cost a lot of money - and the usual approach is advertising. This works but we feel that many platforms have abused their users by an almost relentless barrage of targetted advertising which can feel as intrusive as it is unwelcome. Our aim is to limit advertising on most pages to a Maximum of three per page (single column) with up to one additional advert for extra columns. 

We also intend that at least one advert will be a Charity / Non-Profit organisation too. Our first planned free advert is for the Ukranian Charity appeal. This advert went live early April 1st 2022 and will feature on our "main page" indefinitely. Please support them directly here. https://www.withukraine.org/

We plan to soon offer (very) cheap subscription options to unlock some exciting new features including "see who viewed me", "match maker", extra emoticons and other useful tools. there will always be the basic "Free Forever" account.

Unlike possibly every other platform, we do not consider "targetted" advertising ethical - and as such, other than making it regionally appropriate and age appropriate (not a lot of point advertising an Australian Utility company in Mexico), we have no plans to mine data from searches or buy / sell data with the tech giants.

Lastly, we do NOT permit pornography.